Saturday, November 12, 2011

Breeding info/rules

I am a member of the breyer pedigree asighnment. For more information, visit I am currently updating the website, even the posts are from a while ago. The date is just the day I published the posts. Every time I get a new animal, I update the blog. The date never changes. I AM STILL UPDATING THE WEBSITE, NO MATTER HOW LONG AGO THE DATES ARE FROM!!!!!
1.When you have found the perfect sire/dam, e-mail me @ Tell me the animals name.
2. Tell me your animals name, breed,gender, and species. Describe the offspring, telling me gender, color,name,markings,date born, and if you want the baby to be featured on my website.
3.You choose the date to have the baby born.
4.NO inbreeding!
5.Females can only have one foal, or litter, per year. The years they are booked will be listed underneath.
6. Males can produce an unlimited number of offspring.
7.You may not use photos from my website without my permission. I will not post pictures of your animals without your permmission, either.
8.breeding is free.
9. After you contact me with your breeding request, I will rspond as soon as possible. Check the comments frequently.If I find a flaw, I will let you know so you can fix it.
10. You can breed two of my animals together.
If you have any questions, leave a comment. We appreciate your time!

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