Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ranch News

BREYER FUN DAY TOMMOROW!!!!  December7,2011
I am going to the breyer fun day tommorow!!! Can`t wait to see what new horses we get!

BREYER FUN DAY TODAY!!!! December 8, 2011
What more can I say?
(Note later that day)
We got a free breyer at the breyerfest!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Breeding info/rules

I am a member of the breyer pedigree asighnment. For more information, visit I am currently updating the website, even the posts are from a while ago. The date is just the day I published the posts. Every time I get a new animal, I update the blog. The date never changes. I AM STILL UPDATING THE WEBSITE, NO MATTER HOW LONG AGO THE DATES ARE FROM!!!!!
1.When you have found the perfect sire/dam, e-mail me @ Tell me the animals name.
2. Tell me your animals name, breed,gender, and species. Describe the offspring, telling me gender, color,name,markings,date born, and if you want the baby to be featured on my website.
3.You choose the date to have the baby born.
4.NO inbreeding!
5.Females can only have one foal, or litter, per year. The years they are booked will be listed underneath.
6. Males can produce an unlimited number of offspring.
7.You may not use photos from my website without my permission. I will not post pictures of your animals without your permmission, either.
8.breeding is free.
9. After you contact me with your breeding request, I will rspond as soon as possible. Check the comments frequently.If I find a flaw, I will let you know so you can fix it.
10. You can breed two of my animals together.
If you have any questions, leave a comment. We appreciate your time!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


                                     SSR S`MORES ON A STARLIT NIGHT
                                      Bermese mountain dog bitch
                                    black w/ white chest,paws, and muzzle
                                     Barry X Sunny
                                  SSR GINGER COOKIES
                                  boxer dog bitch
                                 fawn w/white chest, paws, and muzzle
                                Bouncer X Champ

                                    SSR MADDISON AVENUE
                                jack russel terrier bitch
                            white w/ brown ears, over on eye, top of bum and tail
                                    Superior Ratter X Feisty Lady

                                            SSR SUPER SASSY
                                       domestic shorthair cat (female)
                                         silver tabby
                                        Tiger X Sylvia


                                    SSR ADOHI
                                  mountain lion tom
                                 parents unknown

                                DIVA QUEEN
                                female cat
                                brown tabby
                                Tiger X Sylvia
                                 purchased : Dec. 24, 2011
                               female cat
                               orange tabby
                               white stripes
                                Tiger X Sylvia
                              purchased: Dec. 24, 2011

                              Sitka deer buck
                            parents unknown
                            purchased : Dec. 29, 2011

                           Sitka deer doe
                           parents unknown
                           purchased : Dec. 29, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011


                                                         SSR HEARTBREAKER
                                                            bay mecklenburg cross
                                                             2 socks
                                                             unknown X SSR Valentine

                                                              SSR APACHE
                                                              blue arabian/lippazaner cross
                                                             SSR Sir Lancelot X SSR Pluto

                                                             SSR CRICKET
                                                             liver chestnut quarter horse cross
                                                             1 sock
                                                             Secretariat X  SSR Headley Brittannia
                                                            SSR BELLE
                                                           gold clydedale
                                                           4 stockings
                                                           bald face
                                                           Poker Joe X SSR Bluebell

                                                           bay arabian
                                                           Unknown X S Justadream
                                                           born : Dec. 24,2011

                                                          black arabian
                                                          Unknown X S Justadream
                                                          born : Dec. 24, 2011
                                                           grey donkey
                                                          parents unknown
                                                         found: Dec. 24, 2011




                                                  SSR HEADLEY BRITTANNIA
                                                          liver chestnut
                                                          thoroughbred/ irish draught cross
                                                          Jumbo X Alan`s Bambi
                                                           SSR VALENTINE
                                                           bay mecklenburg horse
                                                           1 sock
                                                            SSR JUSTADREAM
                                                             sorrel arabian
                                                             3 socks
                                                             Justafire DGL X Aqcuantannce

                                                          SSR   PLUTO
                                                           Light gray lippazanner
                                                            no markings
                                                            SSR LOVEISBLIND
                                                             chestnut morgan
                                                              4 socks

                                                              SSR ZENTATTA MENDATTA
                                                            dappled dark bay thoroughbred
                                                            2 socks
                                                             Street city X Vertigineux

                                                           SSR BLUEBELLL
                                                           dappled gold Clydesdale
                                                           4 socks
                                                           Mr Hooha X Maribell
                                                           purchased Dec.9,2011


                                                         SSR CLOUD NINE
                                                          overo pinto warmblood
                                                          4 stockings
                                                           Cloud X Princess

                                                           SSR ARGO FARGO
                                                            liver chestnut draft horse
                                                             4 socks
                                                            GEM TWIST
                                                             light grey thoroughbred
                                                              Good Twist X Coldy Noble


                                                              SSR BAXTER
                                                              rose grey morgan
                                                              2 socks
                                                              BLACK BEAUTY
                                                              black horse
                                                             1 sock
                                                              unknown X Duchess
                                                              purchased: Dec.25,2011



                                     SSR BIG CHEX TO CASH

                                          Dappled palomino quarter horse
                                           4 stockings
                                            Nu Chex X Snip O Gun
                                          SSR Spicy Chilli
                                           1 blue ribbon
                                          Tobiano pinto
                                           Spicy Pepper X Paint Splatter

                                           SSR SIX PACK

                                          Dappled grey pony
                                           three socks
                                           Beer man X Smokin`Hot Chick

                                            SSR RED HOT INFERNO
                                              1 blue ribbon
                                             chestnut saddlebred
                                              three socks
                                               Inferno Berno X Flying Flames
                                          SSR SIR LANCELOT
                                          blue arabian
                                          4 socks
                                          Sir Knight X Desert princess
                                          purchased: Dec.8,2011
                                          rose grey mustang
                                         1 sock
                                         parents unknown
                                         purchased : Dec.25,2011
                                        EAGLE FEATHER
                                        pinto mustang
                                        bald face
                                        2 stockings
                                        blue eyes
                                        parents unknown
                                        purchased : Dec.25,2011

                                        red roan quarter horse
                                        Trigger X Fizzy
                                        purchased : Dec.25, 2011

                                       ZEUS, KING OF THE HORSES
                                       black pinto american saddlebred
                                       Cookie X Pinky
                                       purchased: Dec. 25,2011

                                      PHANTOM`S TOUCH WILLOW
                                      black pinto arabian
                                      gold spots, hooves, mane/tail
                                      Firetail X unknown
                                     purchased : Dec. 25, 2011

                                    copper chestnut thouroughbred
                                    2 socks
                                    Bold Ruler X Princequilla